Miva Merchant Help

for setting up a database driven online store.

Our examples use a rubber stamp store as the demo.

Product Database layout

include all the info for your products and upload them as a flat file. Much easier than doing it individually through your web browser.

MS Excel version of this file
tab delimited text version of this file

Subject Categories

Decide what your main categories and sub-categories will be so you can assign all your designs into as many as they need to appear in.

MS Excel version of this file
tab delimited text version of this file

Cross-Reference layout

Assign all your designs into as many categories as they need to appear in.

MS Excel version of this file
tab delimited text version of this file

Attribute Templates

This is an easy way to make your products available in a variety of ways.

Mounted & Unmounted Stamps
Embossing powder in a variety of colors


Live Demo Store Go play with a live Miva merchant demo store. Place an actual order and view the administration area. This is a basic store with many features disabled.
Miva Modules

Miva Merchant's features can be greatly expanded through the use of modules. Here are my recommendations for basic stamp and craft store modules.

Your needs may be different. E-Mail me if you have questions or want to suggest a module to add to the list.

Coming soon!

Miva Training Resources:

A Beginner's Guide to Miva Merchant- Version 4 by Pamela Hazleton. This is a downloadable PDF e-book. 200+ page reference for all that you can do within the admin interface, from setting up your store to retrieving the orders. Highly recommended!

Send an email to me for a special discount on this essential Merchant 4 book - click here for Miva Merchant 4 Book discount ordering info

Version 5 available Sept. 8, 2005!

Merchant How To Tutorials
Excellent online How-to videos that show you step by step how to set-up and run your miva merchant store. A 1 year basic subscription is offered free for safesecurestore.com annual hosting clients.


MivaHelp.com Tutorials - (Free) Some good information. Some tutorials are advanced because they modify the scripts for modules.

CD-ROM training set - $99.00 I haven't checked this out, but it's probably very useful.

Miva Modules:

MVCOOL - One stop shopping for a LOT of available modules. Before you purchase any modules, please ask me. I may have a bulk purchase deal going on some of them.

Emporiumplus.com - This company sells server wide licenses. This means that if you are on the shared server - securestorefront.com or safesecurecart.com - all the stores on that server will be able to share the module and not have to buy multiple copies.

Free Miva Merchant Modules:

Viking Coders


Miva Resources:

MivaHelp.com- Assorted links to helpful information.

DesignExtend.com - Miva Developer has a great selection of tips. Sign up for their weekly tips e-mail list

HTML Newsletters:

EMailCounts Email Maker - $29.95 per Year for up to 5000 email newsletters. Keeps track of whole database, can import customer info from a text file. Works best on a PC, I haven't tried it with Mac OSX, doesn't work with OS 8.6. Here's some tips for using EMailCounts.

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