Category Cross Reference

Here is our sample design. It's product code is 381C. It has a lot of uses and we want the customers to find it easily.

products code: 381C

Product Name: Somebunny Loves you!

Product description: Cute bunny rabbit holding flowers

What's written in blue type doesn't have to appear in your database, it's only for clarification.

381C AN **ANIMAL**
381C HL


381C GD **GARDEN**
381C VAL - Valentine's Day
381C MD - Mother's Day
381C RB - Rabbit
381C FL - Flower
The same product code will have to repeat depending on how many categories you want the product to appear in. Assign ALL the category codes that you want the design to appear in. One category per line. This shows the full name of the category, but it doesn't need to appear in the database. It's only for reference.

**Main Categories ** These are MAIN categories that have other sub-categories within it. You really only need to have the design appear in the lowest level sub-category.

EXAMPLE: Mother's day and Valentine's day are sub-categories of HOLIDAYS, you don't have to also assign the design to HOLIDAYS, the database will automatically call up all the designs from the SUB category if someone wants to browse the MAIN category.

Rabbit is a sub-category of ANIMALS
Flower is a sub-category of GARDEN

WORD STAMPS might also have subcategories, but if not, then the design gets assigned to the MAIN category.

LOVE could be a MAIN category, or it can be a sub-category of something else, like SENTIMENTS.

How the SEARCH Feature Works

**It is up to you to figure out your MAIN categories and whatever sub-categories belong beneath these. Keep a list. The customer can always find something by typing a basic term in the SEARCH box. Words like "bunny" &" love" appear in the name and description of the product. The words "cute", "bunny", "rabbit" and "flowers" appear in the description.

And your database will automatically put the item in the following categories:
Valentine's Day
Mother's Day

So if a customer types in ANY of the words that appear above in PURPLE, this design will be in the results page.
It's a very powerful feature and is know to get

Last Updated on 7/17/03
By Susan L. Ruff