EmailCounts Email Maker Tips -

EmailCounts Email Maker - $29.95 per Year for up to 5000 email newsletters. Keeps track of whole database, can import customer info from a text file.

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1. Opt-In Magnet
2. List Database Manager (for email or snail mail campaigns)
3. EmailCounts Email Maker - no HTML experience necessary
4. Response Analyzer
5. Anti-Spam Compliance Manager

You can upload your own list, and then customize a sign-up form on your site for new customers.

It's $30 per year for 5000 emails, it's a very good deal. You can buy more email credits as needed. (I used to use for a client and it cost me that much per MONTH and the unused email credits didn't rollover to the next month.)

There are some nice admin tools for tracking response. You can also set up categories of customers and really target your client's interest. All this is handled through a web interface.

They have built-in templates that you can just type in and edit, or you can upload one of your own designed HTML pages

If you need any help setting this up, please let me know and I would be happy to assist you.

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** Set up your account on a PC. I couldn't get it to work on a mac running OS 8.6. It MAY work with OS X.**

• Make sure you turn off your pop-up blocking software before you go to sign up for the service. Many of the requesters are pop-ups and you won't see them if the pop-up blocker is enabled.

• Set up an email account specifically for sending newsletters, such as: Make sure it is a real address, your confirmaton emails will be sent to it and it's needed as soon as you start to set-up your EmailCounts account.

• Upload a tab delimited text file (.txt) of all your current customer mailing lists. This is can be exported from from Yahoogroups, your email address book, accounting software, contact software, etc. Assemble all the information into a spreadsheet, like Excel, this way you can eliminate duplicate names and get all the info to line up in the same columns.
E-mail should be the only REQUIRED field to encourage as many people to sign up as possible, but you can change your settings to whatever you want in the Opt-In form.

• Make sure all your links have *complete* links. All links should start with
If you are creating an HTML newsletter in your own HTML editor (Dreamweaver, GoLive, front page, etc.) you will be uploading your HTML pages, but it will be pulling the graphics off your server, so you need the COMPLETE links back to your domain. If your graphics don't show up in the test email, it's probably because you don't have complete links, or you haven't uploaded your images to the proper place on your server.

If you are using CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) to format your newsletter, make sure ther is a complete link to the .css style file that you used

• You can create the newsletter in the online EmailCounts form without knowing any HTML. There are pre-formatted templates to use, and the text formatting tools look very much like a word processor. (I haven't used this yet, I will add more notes when I, or someone else, does)

• It sends out both an HTML and text version of each email so you are compatible with all email clients. Copy & paste the text version of the newsletter into a word processor and take out the extraneous "stuff" - bad line breaks, weird indents, etc. Then copy the cleaned up text version back into the EmailCounts form for that campaign. Otherwise, it may look unprofessional if someone receives the text-only version.

You will find the opportunity to edit the "text-only" version in step 2 of the creating your campaign section.