Miva database template

This shows all the columns & fields and what they do. The paths are relative to how you have your site set up, mine are samples.

MS Excel version of this file
tab delimited text version of this file

Product Code Name Price Description full size Graphics thumbnail graphics Taxable Category Code Attribute Template
310C Fuzzy Bunny - large 6.50 Rabbit pushing wheelbarrow. 2 in X 3 in /graphics/310C.gif /graphics/310C-T.gif YES rabbit C
Product name as it appears in your catalog and/or quickbooks Just a name that you know the design by or what it appears as in the catalog. full retail price for mounted. I will also need the UM price if it is different than 50% off. It's helpful to include approx size in here like: 2 in X 3 in (avoid using inch marks ") The full description is also so that the search feature will find this stamp if the customer types in "Bunny", "Rabbit", or "wheelbarrow" This is the path TO your graphic and the name OF your graphic. Large graphics should be 300 pixels high or wide, enough to show details. I always keep my pictures in a folder called "graphics". this is the path TO your THUMBNAIL graphic and the name OF your graphic. I always append a "-T" to the name of the large graphic. Thumbnails should be about 125 pixels high or wide. (100 to 150 pixel range for thumbnails) You will be on a unix server so it is *VERY* important to be consistant. Unix sees "A" and "a" as different letters.

Just indicates that the product is taxable.

You can also use the number 1 instead of YES

You will have major categories and then sub-categories of the main categories. EX: Animals would be a main category and sub categories could be Rabbits, Dogs, Frogs, Turtles, Insects, etc. The more detailed you can make your sub-categories, the easier it is for customers to find what they want.

To allow a customer to choose between mounted and unmounted stamps, you have to set up an "attribute template" for each price. Set up a template for each price code and put the appropriate template code in this column. Each product will then automatically have the proper mounted/unmounted option & prices for each letter code.

Attribute templates are also good for choosing sizes, colors or any variable that you offer in a product.

Monday, October 3, 2005 2:18 PM
By Susan L. Ruff