More Pepper & her cousin Teeny
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When Pepper curls up just right you can see the heart on her side. Put your mouse cursor over the heart to see it light up!

(left photo)

Pepper loves to play ball and is a VERY good soccer player

Pepper in a rare, quiet moment.

Daddy & Pepper ride on the kayak.

Snuggling with cousin KT and my yorkie friend, Harry

All sacked out on James' bed.

Yes, you CAN successfully glue 2 terriers together!

Begging Halloween treats from Princess Marissa.

It's hard to see Pepper's eyes except when you REALLY lighten up the photo

Pepper LOVES to ride the ATV, especially with Daddy & James. She will chase the ATV until you pick her up for her ride.

Baby Photos Below

When mommy was pregnant,
Pepper always sat on her tummy.
Grandmom said Pepper was hatching me!
James is bundled inside mommy's robe.
Pepper holding up baby James Grandmom Ruff feeds cookies
to all my puppies.
Pepper licks my toes. (and my hands and face when she thinks Mommy's not looking!)
Pepper watches me play on the big bed.
Pepper not annoying Penny for a change. Pepper likes to change the TV channels
with the remote control.
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